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Image Feature based CCD Fault Diagnosis for Automatic Alignment of High Energy Laser Beams Control System

Qiang Ren  Hailei Ren  Hang Gao  Baoran An  
【摘要】:With the development of national large-scale safety-critical facilities,countries around the world have invested huge amounts of money to build a variety of facilities.In the high energy large-scale laser beams control system,one of the major purpose of this control system is to accurately focus hundreds of high energy laser beams on a nanoscale(mm) fusion target at the precision location and time.The system has tens of thousands of control nodes,including CCD and other electronic equipment,which always play a very important role in the closed-loop control system.Once a CCD has a fault,it will directly influence the automatic alignment of the laser beams control system.In this paper,we proposed an image feature based CCD fault diagnosis method for the high energy laser control system,we first computed the histogram and analysed the main pixel distribution of each frame,and then we detect and analyze the object contour from the image.Then,we designed a fault diagnosis model to classify the specific fault reason.Finally,to evaluate the performance of the proposed method,we carried out a large number of experiments.Through the qualitative and quantitative analyses of the experimental results,we verified that the CCD fault diagnosis performance of the method is effective and robust.

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