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High pressure and temperature phase stabilities of dolomite and ankerite

Fei Qin  Oliver T.Lord  James W.E.Drewitt  David Edwards  Michael J.Walter  
【摘要】:正The fate of subducted carbonate has profound implications for the global carbon cycle and great importance for the geodynamic and geochemical evolution of Earth‘s deep interior. Understanding the structural evolution and stability of key carbonate phases is thus important for understanding the carbon cycleand redox conditions in the mantle1-3. Dolomite (Ca,Mg)(CO_3)_2, is thought to constitute up to ~50% of the Earth‘s accessible carbonate reserviors4. Since there is evidence of dolomite inclusions in ultra-deep diamonds, new high pressure-temperature polymorphs of dolomite could be crucial carbon-containing phases in the Earth‘s mantle5-8.

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