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Genome-wide analysis of lncRNA and mRNA expression during differentiation of abdominal preadipocytes in the chicken

Tao Zhang  Xiangqian Zhang  Kunpeng Han  Genxi Zhang  Jinyu Wang  Kaizhou Xie  Qian Xue  
【摘要】:Long non-coding RNAs(lncRNAs) regulate adipogenesis and other processes associated with metabolic tissue development and function. However, little is known about the function and profile of lncRNAs during preadipocyte differentiation in the chicken(Gallus gallus). Herein, lncRNA and mRNA expression in preadipocytes at different stages of differentiation were analyzed using RNA sequencing. A total of 1,300,074,528 clean reads and 27,023 novel lncRNAs were obtained from 12 samples. The number of genes(1,336 lncRNAs and 1,759 mRNAs; 3,095 in total) differentially expressed across various stages declined as differentiation progressed. Differentially expressed genes were found to be involved in several pathways related to preadipocyte differentiation that have been extensively studied, including glycerolipid metabolism, and the mammalian target of rapamycin, peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor, and mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathways. To our knowledge, some pathways are being reported for the first time, including the propanoate metabolism, fatty acid metabolism, and oxidative phosphorylation pathways. Furthermore, 3,095 differentially expressed genes were clustered into eight clusters, and their expression patterns were determined through K-means clustering. Genes involved in the K2 cluster likely play important roles in preadipocyte differentiation. Six stage-specific modules related to A0(day 0), A2(day 2), and A6(day 6) stages were identified, using weighted co-expression network analysis. Nine central, highly connected genes in stagespecific modules were subsequently identified, including XLOC_068731, XLOC_022661, XLOC_045161, XLOC_070302, CHD6, LLGL1, NEURL1 B, KLHL38, and ACTR6. This study provides a valuable resource for further study of chicken lncRNA and facilitates a better understanding of preadipocyte differentiation in the chicken.

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