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Validating the surgical indication value of the LTB-S classification system for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Running title:LTB-S system for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis surgery

Lin Wang  Yifei Wang  Zilu Wen  Fan Xia  Hui Chen  Yijun Zhu  Heping Xiao  Shuihua Lu  Xiyong Dai  Haijiang Wang  Chaolin Huang  Wei Chang  Ka-Wing Wong  Yanzheng Song  
【摘要】:Background:Currently there is no guideline based on preoperative clinical parameters for assessing the prognosis of the adjunctive surgery for drug-resistant tuberculosis.Methods:We retrospectively analyzed 138 patients who have undergone surgical resection as a treatment for drug-resistant tuberculosis after 24 months.Four clinical parameters on lesion type,treatment history,body physiological status,and surgery approach were evaluated.Categorical preoperative clinical parameters were analyzed by ordinal logistic regression model when considering postoperative complications as outcomes ordered in terms of severity.Statistically significant parameters were then combined in a single classification system for predicting the outcomes of the adjunctive surgery.Findings:Diffused,progressive bilateral lesions,or active/progressive extra pulmonary tuberculosis(L3),history of less than 2 months treatment before surgery(T3) were the strongest predicative parameters for postoperative complications and for surgery failure.Classification system based on the four parameters were found to have a statistically significant effect on postoperative complications and postoperative efficacy.24-month follow up indicated high cure rate(above 95.5%) among patients without T3,L3,or severe physiological complications(B3).Interpretation:A classification system based on objective clinical parameters showed predicative value for the prognosis of the adjunctive surgery and could guide management of drug-resistant Tuberculosis.

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