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Hearbal decocotosome is a novel form medicine

【摘要】:Traditionally, herbal medicine is consumed by drinking decoctions produced by boiling herbs with water. The functional components of the decoction are heat stable. Small RNAs(sRNAs) were reported as a new class of functional components in decoctions. However, the mechanisms by which sRNAs survive heat treatment of the decoction and enter cells are unclear. Previous studies showed that plant-derived exosomelike nanoparticles(ELNs), which we call botanosomes, could deliver therapeutic reagents in vivo. Here, we report that heat-stable decoctosomes(ELNs) from decoctions have more therapeutic effects than the decoctions in vitro and demonstrate therapeutic efficacy in vivo. Furthermore, sRNAs, such as HJTsRNA-m7 and PGY-sRNA-6, in the decoctosome exhibit potent anti-fibrosis and anti-inflammatory effects, respectively. Decoctosome is comprised of lipids, chemical compounds, proteins, and sRNAs. A medical decoctosome mimic is called bencaosome. A single lipid sphinganine(d22:0) identified in the decoctosomewas mixed and heated with the synthesized sRNAs to form the simplest bencaosome. This simple bencaosome structure was identified by critical micelle concentration(cmc) assay that sRNAs co-assembled with sphinganine(d22:0) to form the lipid layers of vesicles. The heating process facilitates co-assembly of sRNAs and sphinganine(d22:0) until a steady state is reached. The artificially produced sphinganineHJT-sRNA-m7 and sphinganine-PGY-sRNA-6 bencaosomes could ameliorate bleomycin-induced lung fibrosis and poly(I:C)-induced lung inflammation, re-spectively, following oral administration in mice. Our study not only demonstrates that the herbal decoctosome may represent a combinatory remedy in precision medicine but also provides an effective oral delivery route for nucleic acid therapy.

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