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Liuweidihuangwan inhibits the expression of TBP-2-RAGE and prevents Aβ-induced oxidative stress and inflammation

Song Junying  Lv Huanhuan  Lv Jing  Jia Yaquan  Cheng Yanyan  Zhang Zhenqiang  
【摘要】:Backgroud:Oxidative stress and inflammation play an important role in the development of the occurrence of Alzheimer's Disease(AD).Thioredoxin binding protein-2(TBP-2)is a oxidative stress and pro-inflammation factor.The role of receptor for advanced glycation end products(RAGE)and Ap-induced oxidation stress are an key contributor to neurodegeneration in AD.However,the effect of them on the molecular mechanism of AD still unclear.We will present evidence for a novel pathway of TBP-2-RAGE in AD,which are inhibited by Liuweidihuangwan serum(LWDHS)to promote neuroprotection by blocking oxidative stress and inflammation in AD.Objecgtive:TBP-2 has various biologic activities,including the control of redox balance and the pro-apoptosis and inflammation.RAGE and beta-amyloid peptide(Aβ)are key activators of plaque-associated cellular dysfunction.The current study was designed to examine the effcets of Liuweidihuangwan serum(LWDHS)on the expression of TBP-2-RAGE and Aβ-induced injury.Methods:we test TBP-2 and RAGE after LWDHS treatment by western blot.The protective effect of LWDHS against Aβinduced injury was assessed by MTT assay.Results:LWDHS inhibits the expression of TBP-2 and RAGE by Aβ,and attenuated Aβinduced oxidative stress and inflammatory response of C6 cells.Conclusions:LWDHS is a new inhibitor of TBP-2-RAGE,and has a possible potential as a therapeutic agent for neurodegenerative diseases including AD.

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