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Pedicled Coronoid-Temporalis Rotation Flap for Zygomatic and Orbital Floor Reconstruction

Duan Weiyi  Sun Changfu  
【摘要】:The aim of this study was to investigate the feasibility and effectiveness of pedicled coronoidtemporalis rotation flap for zygomatic and orbital floor reconstruction.From 2000 to 2011, 6 patients(3 male and 3 female patients) were diagnosed with tumor of zygoma. Zygomatic ameloblastoma was present in 3 cases, vascular malformation was present in 2 cases, and zygomatic chondroblastoma was in 1 cases. All patients underwent operations for a wide excision of the lesions including zygoma, lateral orbital rim, orbital floor. The defects were measured between 2.5×3 and 4×4 cm, and zygomatic and orbital floor reconstruction were performed with pedicled coronoid-temporalis rotation flap simultaneously. Flaps of 6 patients were all complete survival with no necrosis. All patients displayed acceptable functional and proper aesthetic results.Satisfactory clinical outcomes show that the pedicled coronoid-temporalis rotation flap is readily available choice for reconstruction of the zygoma and orbital floor.

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