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Analysis on moisture sources associated with extreme precipitation in first rainy season over South China based on circulation patterns

Fan Xin  Dongdong Peng  Shaw Chen Liu  Run Liu  
【摘要】:Frequent extreme precipitation events over South China(SC) pose severe threats to the safety of people's lives and property. Identifying the origin of moisture is a key process in revealing the formation mechanisms of precipitation,and the changes in precipitation are closely related to the atmospheric circulation,circulation anomaly directly affects the source of moisture,providing a large-scale background for daily extreme precipitation events. In this work,we analyze the moisture source of extreme precipitation under different circulation backgrounds,and use K-means clustering(KMC) to classify the circulation associated with extreme precipitation over SC in first rainy season(FRS) into three canonical patterns. In addition,we investigate the moisture source of extreme precipitation over SC during FRS under three circulation patterns during 1979-2017 by the Lagrangian model FLEXPART. Results indicate that South China Sea,Southeast Asia,SC and the Bay of Bengal contribute the moisture to the extreme precipitation in FRS over SC by 18.9%,17.4%,17.4% and 11.0%,respectively. Moisture in these regions transported to SC is mainly through three routes: the low-altitude Arabian Sea,Southeast Asia,the Bay of Bengal and the high-altitude western region(47.5%),the low-altitude South China Sea(34.1%),and the high-altitude northwest inland area(18.4%).

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