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Designing Methodology for Thermo-Mechanical resistance to Intense Pulse X-ray in Shell Systems

D.W Wang  S Wang  X Du  
【摘要】:X-ray thermal mechanical resistance is one of the key indexes for the sensitivity of shell system to thermal mechanical damage which has direct influence on the material selection,structure design and production process.The aim of this paper is to enhance the development level of X-ray strengthening technology through quantitative analysis and design of X-ray thermal mechanics of shell system.According to the idea of Quantifications of Margins and Uncertainties(QMU),the quantitative analysis of X-ray thermal mechanical resistance is proposed.Firstly,the overall design of shell system is optimized and the margins for the technical performance sensitive of thermal mechanical damage are reasonably distributed.Secondly,the X-ray environment and uncertainty of system,the technical performance and uncertainty of components and structures of system as thermal mechanical damage in the X-ray thermal mechanical environment are quantified,and solutions for X-ray resistance are optimized to ensure the technical performance change and uncertainty which are effectively controlled in the distribution margin.The target is to quantify the effect of strengthening design and predict the X-ray ability of the system.

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