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Research of UA operation and management system platform

GENG Zengxian  HAN Hongrong  LIU Hong  HAN Peng  
【摘要】:With the rapid development of computer, communication, technology, unmanned aircraft(UA) has been widely used in civil fields such as agricultural plant protection, electric power and mobile base station inspection, disaster detection, forest fire prevention, surveying and mapping, meteorological detection and so on. However the UA safety operation has become an urgent problem to be solved by the government and the enterprise. Aiming at the operation problems of UA, and based on the analyzing the requirements of UA safety operation, an UA operation and management system platform has been presented in this article to meet the different users. Firstly the platform architecture is introduced in detail, as well as the functions of the platform. Then the subsystems of the platform are analyzed respectively according to the management functions. Thirdly the actual software are developed to realize the function of the UA operation. Finally the advantages and disadvantages of the platform are discussed carefully to adapt the practical application. The article not only can be used for the realization of UA operation and management as a reference, but also can be used to promote and improve the security level of UA operation in China.

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