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Long-term effects of carotenoids and tocotrienol-rich red palm oil on the productive performance, egg quality, serum metabolites and meat quality of laying hens

Yihan Zhang  Yifei Lu  Zhenyu Pan  Jiayue Xia  Chao Huang  Shaokang Wang  Ligang Yang  Hui Xia  Guiju Sun  
【摘要】:This study aimed to verify the long-term effects of red palm oil(RPO) on the overall performance of laying hens. Methods A total of 200 180-day-old Hy-Line Brown hens were fed with 3% RPO and the effects thereof on egg quality, lipid metabolism, liver function, antioxidant capacity and meat quality were explored during their laying period. The hens were first randomly divided into two groups, namely an RPO group and a soybean oil(SO) group. Each group was comprised of 5 replicates of 4 cages(5 birds/cage). During the experimental period, the hens in the RPO group were fed with a basal feed containing 3% RPO, while the control group was fed with a basal feed containing 3% SO. Results Results showed that RPO supplementation significantly improved the yolk colour and yolk percentage(P 0.001, P 0.001). The RPO group exhibited increased serum glutathione peroxidase activity(P 0.001) and decreased serum malondialdehyde activity(P = 0.011) compared to SO group. Moreover, the 3% RPO supplementation altered lipid metabolism by slightly reducing the serum level of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol(P = 0.053), and also lowered drip losses in the chicken breast(P = 0.043). Conclusion In conclusion, 3% RPO supplementation in the feed of laying hens effectively improved their egg yolk color, lipid metabolism, antioxidant capacity and meat quality.

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