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Densities of the CO_2-H_2O and CO_2-H_2O-NaCl Systems Up to 647 K and 100 MPa

【摘要】:正An equation of state is established for the gas phase of CO_2-H_2O in the range 0-28 MPa and 323-645 K. The equation for gaseous CO_2-H_2O mixtures can accurately reproduce the experimental volumes with an average deviation of 0.25%and a maximum deviation of 2.8%.An accurate model for the molar volumes and densities of liquid CO_2-H_2O and CO_2-H_2O-NaCl mixtures is developed.The most accurate experimental density data for the CO_2-H_2O system in the range 273-623 K and 0.7-35 MPa can be reproduced within±0.05%,and the average deviation is 0.008%.The model for the liquid CO_2-H_2O-NaCl mixtures is developed on the basis of our CO_2-H_2O model and the H_2O-NaCl model of Rogers and Pitzer(J.Phys.Chem.Ref.Data 1982,11(1),15-81).No additional empirical parameter is introduced for the ternary.This model can predict the ternary density data within experimental errors and is expected to be valid up to 573 K.It is found that both the density model and the equation of state can be extrapolated up to 100 MPa or higher pressure with accuracy close to those of experiments.Computer programs for the related calculations can be downloaded from http://www.geochemmodel.org/programs.htm.

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13 梁婷;前景化视角下《围城》语言变异的翻译[D];西安外国语大学;2013年
14 康艺凡;从偏离视角分析《了不起的盖茨比》[D];辽宁大学;2017年
15 张利;从关联理论解读语言偏离[D];南华大学;2012年
16 罗芳;关联理论视角下的广告语言变异研究[D];湖南工业大学;2012年
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18 李夏雪;仿拟广告的语言偏离研究[D];陕西师范大学;2015年
19 赵哲;论春晚小品语义偏离的类型及实现[D];东北师范大学;2015年
20 李杰;文体学偏离分类的理论研究[D];北京交通大学;2010年
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