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Transcriptional insights into the sugarcane-Sorghum mosaic virus interaction using RNA-seq and microarray

凌辉  Ning Huang  Qibin Wu  Yachun Su  Weihua Su  Liping Xu  Youxiong Que  
【摘要】:【Research background】 Sugarcane mosaic disease is one of the widely seen virus caused disease in sugarcane which is an eco-important crop. A good use of biomolecular and bioinformatics tool in pathogen-related genes identification is needed to ravel the molecular mechanism of sugarcane-mosaic virus interaction. 【Materials and methods】 In this study, a transcriptomic database was achieved from a Sorghum mosaic virus(SrMV)-infected sugarcane sample. Then a customized microarray was designed based on transcriptomic database and was used to analyze the differential transcript profile of sugarcane genes across two susceptible cultivars(ROC22 and FN15) and two resistant cultivars(FN39 and YZ01-1413). 【Result and analysis】 In total, 89,338 unigenes, 481 differentially expressed unigenes and 51 homologous sequences of Potyvirus host interactor(PHI) genes were obtained from RNA-seq data. Among 51 PHIs, the upregulation of a calmodulin-related protein gene and an ethylene-inducible transcription factor gene in two SrMV-resistant and two SrMV susceptible sugarcane cultivars under SrMV infection suggests that these two genes could be used as potential gene knockout targets for creating SrMV incompatible germplasm. Based on microarray data, we found that genes, which were ethylene-responsive transcription factor, jasmonate O-methyltransferase, auxin-responsive protein and two-component response regulator, were differentially expressed inSrMV infected leave. Differential transcription of LRR-RLKs, Lec-RLKs, WRKY, b HLH, and MAPKs also have be found among four sugarcane genotypes. 【Conclusion】Genes encoding heat shock protein 70, chloroplastic rieske Fe/S protein, reticulon homology domain protein and salicylic acid binding protein 3 might be used as the potential markers for identifying the resistance or susceptibility of sugarcane materials to SrMV. And phytohormone(ethylen, jasmonate, auxin and cytokinin) related genes, kinase genes(receptor-like kinase and MAPKs) and transcription factor genes(WRKY and b HLH) likely participate in the regulatory network of sugarcane-pathogen interaction when sugarcane is in anti-mosaic disease infection. This study should help to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying SrMV-resistance of sugarcane cultivars.

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