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Genome analysis of kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus) provides insights of phloem fiber and leaf shape biogenesis

Liwu Zhang  Xingtan Zhang  Xiaokai Ma  Zhenyang Liao  Qing Zhang  Lilan Zhang  Xuebei Wan  Yan Cheng  Jisen Zhang  Shuai Chen  Yi Xu  Jiantang Xu  Aifen Tao  Lihui Lin  Pingping Fang  Liemei Zhang  Jianmin Qi  Ray Ming  
【摘要】:Kenaf(Hibiscus cannabinus,2 n = 36) is one of the largest natural fiber crops for economic importance worldwide.However,few available genomic resources for this species have hindered its genetic improvement.In the present study,single molecule real-time,Hi-C,and high-density genetic maps were used to sequence the genome of H.cannabinus var.'Fuhong 952'.1078 Mb(99.44%) of assembled genome were anchored to 18 pseudochromosomes and 66,004 genes were annotated.Evolutionary and transcriptome analyses revealed there are twice as many copies of cellulose synthase A(CesA) genes due to the most recent whole-genome duplication as in two diploid ancestral Gossypium species.The kenaf genome sequence combined with molecular mapping identified a candidate gene,a homeobox transcription factor homologous to a homeodomainleucine zipper class I(HD-Zip I) meristem identity regulator,that controls leaf shape in kenaf.Re-sequencing of 20 core H.cannabinus cultivars showed that two NB-ARC candidates with high variation in the number of tandem duplications might have conferred differences in disease resistance among these cultivars.This high-quality chromosome-scale reference genome will accelerate genomic research and crop improvement in kenaf.

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