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Sequestration of a transposon-derived siRNA by a target mimic imprinted gene induces postzygotic reproductive isolation in Arabidopsis

Guifeng Wang  Hua Jiang  Gerardo Del Toro de León  German Martinez  Claudia K?hler  
【摘要】:Genomic imprinting is an epigenetic phenomenon occurring in mammals and flowering plants causing genes to be expressed depending on their parent-of-origin.In plants,genomic imprinting is mainly confined to the endosperm,a nutritive tissue supporting embryo growth,similar to the placenta in mammals.Here we show that the paternally expressed imprinted gene PEG2 transcript is a small RNA sponge and sequesters the transposable element-derived small interfering RNA siRNA854 in the endosperm.SiRNA854 is present in the vegetative cell of pollen and transferred to the central cell of the female gametophyte after fertilization,where it is captured by PEG2.Depletion of siRNA854 as a consequence of increased PEG2 transcript levels establishes a reproductive barrier and prevents successful hybridizations between plants differing in chromosome number(ploidy).Thus,the balance of a male gamete accumulating TEderived siRNA and a paternally-expressed imprinted gene regulate triploid seed viability,revealing a transgenerational epigenetic speciation mechanism.

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