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A single transcription factor promotes both yield and immunity in rice

Jing Wang  Lian Zhou  Hui Shi  Mawsheng Chern  Hong Yu  Hong Yi  Min He  Junjie Yin  Xiaobo Zhu  Yan Li  Weitao Li  Jiali Liu  Jichun Wang  Xiaoqiong Chen  Hai Qing  Yuping Wang  Guifu Liu  Wenming Wang  Ping Li  Xianjun Wu  Lihuang Zhu  Jian-Min Zhou  Pamela C.Ronald  Shigui Li  Jiayang Li  Xuewei Chen  
【摘要】:Plant immunity often penalizes growth and yield.The transcription factor Ideal Plant Architecture 1(IPA1) reducesunproductivetillers and increases grains per panicle,which results in improved rice yield.Here we report that higher IPA1 levels enhance immunity.Mechanistically,phosphorylation of IPAl at amino acid S163 within its DNA-binding domain occurs in response to infection by the fungus Magnaporthe oryzae,and alters the DNA binding specificity of IPAl.Phosphorylated IPAl binds to the promoter of the pathogen defense gene WRKY45 and activates its expression,leading to enhanced disease resistance.IPA1 returns to a non-phosphorylated state within 48 hours after infection,resuming support of the growth needed for high yield.Thus IPA1 promotes both yield and disease resistance by sustaining a balancebetween growth and immunity.

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