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Chromosome-specific painting in cultivated and wild rice using bulked oligonucleotides

朱岑文  Tao Zhang  Lili Hou  Weiyun Wang  Zhihao Xu  Jianxiang Zhang  Meng Xu  Meimei Yu  Wen Ji  Zhiyun Gong  Minghong Gu  Jiming Jiang  Hengxiu Yu  
【摘要】:The chromosome-specific probe is a fundamental tool of chromosome painting and has been commonly applied in mammalian species.The technology,however,has not been widely applied in plants due to a lack of methodologies for probe development.Identification and labeling of a large number of oligonucleotides(oligos) specific to a single chromosome offers us an pportunity to establish chromosomespecific probes in plants.However,never before has whole chromosome painting been performed in rice.We developed a pooled chromosome 9-specific probe in rice,which contains 25,000 oligos based on the genome sequence of a japonica rice(Oryza sativa,AA,2 n=2 x=24).Chromosome 9 was easily identified in both japonica and indica rice using this chromosome 9-painting probe.The probe was also successfully used to identify and characterize chromosome 9 in additional lines of O.sativa,a translocation line,two new aneuploids associated with chromosome 9 and sever wild rice with different genomes.This indicates that sequence similarity exists in chromosome 9 between O.sativa and wild rice with different genomes and a pool of oligos specific to a single chromosome is a useful tool for chromosome painting in rice.However,the FISH signal of chromosome 9 specific probe on chromosome 9 of O.eichingeri was much weaker than that in O.sativa,indicating that some differentiation has been occurred between O.eichingeri and O.sativa.

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