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Sequence variation of ZmCKX gene family during domestication and their association with agronomic traits

柳俊  Pengcheng Li  Shuangyi Yin  Yang Xu  Tiantian Yang  Ting Pan  Jie Wei  Zefeng Yang  Chenwu Xu  
【摘要】:Maize is an important cereal crop in food supply,economic income and feed crop supply in the world.Increasing yield and improving quality in maize have always been important ideals for researchers.At present,analyzing the related genetic mechanism from the perspective of domestication has become a focus of maize research.The domestication of teosinte resulted in the original maize landrace varieties and breeders in the 20 th selected early inbred lines of maize.We hypothesize plant hormone-related genes underwent dramatic variation during the domestication process,especially CKX gene family,which had been proved to be very important on maize growth stages.Here,we have successfully resequenced the entire region of 10 ZmCKX genes in a maize panel,consisting of 348 inbred lines,71 landraces,32 teosintes.We found the nucleotide diversity(π)of the CKX genes in teosinte is the highest among the three populations,indicating the dramatic sequence variation,which may be caused by both natural and artificial selection.The LD decays more sharply in teosinte,accordingly.Meanwhile,we performed association analysis based on 10 CKX genes and 45 agronomic traits in348 inbred lines.62 polymorphic sites located in eight of 10 genes are detected,which explains phenotypic variation ranging from 3.4%to 10.7%.For ZmCKX6,SNP 407,Indel 1160,SNP 1203 are associated with the kernel width variation.In addition,kernel width exits extremely significant difference among the three major haplotypes divided by the three markers.These results can deepen our understanding of the genetic diversity and evolution during maize domestication.Moreover,the identified markers or haplotypes can serve as important genetic resources for maize breeding.

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