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The Climate Change and Marine Biodiversity

Soheila khoshnevis Yazdi  Bahram Shakouri  
【摘要】:there is very little doubt among the scientific community that human induced greenhouse gas emission has contributed significantly to the climate change.Most significant changes in the earth's temperature have been noticed since the advent of the industrial era in the late 1800s.Over the past 100 years,the earth's surface has warmed by approximately 0.6oC.Human activities such as the large-scale burning of fossil fuels to operate power plants and automobiles are releasing greenhouse gases like CO2 into the atmosphere at an unprecedented rate.The anthropogenic climate change and its impact on a wide variety of life-forms in various ecosystems.The pole ward and altitudinal shifts in the distribution of various organisms(especially butterflies),the spread of pathogen-driven diseases,the bleaching of coral reefs,and the changes in community and tropic dynamics in various marine and terrestrial ecosystems.The Earth's climate is changing and the impacts are already being felt by biodiversity and wildlife habitats across the planet.Individual sessions of Global Climate Change and Biodiversity covered a cross-section of the planet's major biomes:forests,marine,high latitudes and montane,managed landscapes and coasts.The impact of climate change on natural systems was shown to vary in different ecosystems in different parts of the world.But climate change is all-pervading and will have an increasing influence on the life systems of the Earth.The rich variety of life on Earth has always had to deal with a changing climate.The need to adapt to new patterns of temperature and rainfall has been a major influence on evolutionary changes that produced the plant and animal species we see today.Variation in the climate is perfectly compatible with the survival of ecosystems and their functions,on which we each depend for the essentials of life.There are several reasons why plants and animals are less able to adapt to the current phase of global warming.One is the very rapid pace of change:it is anticipated that over the next century.Many species will simply be unable to adapt quickly enough to the new conditions,or to move to regions more suited to their survival.

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