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李荣安  麦肖玲  
【摘要】:正The last three decades has witnessed a burgeoning comparative education as a field of study in Asia.In China comparative education has taken a phenomenal course from a small and relatively low-key field in search of an identity in the late 1970s to a vibrant one today with a sizable group of scholars across the country,seeking to integrate Western knowledge to the Chinese knowledge system for advancement and enhancement of Chinese education.In this paper we analyze the features of foreign knowledge adaptation in China and the strategies adopted to turn it from submissive transfer to integrated knowledge,which would then be presented as autonomous Chinese knowledge to the world for interaction on an equal footing with the countries of origin of the knowledge in a diverse,global world.The process involves socio-cultural adaptation and a change in ownership of knowledge.We conducted a two-tier investigation.First,we studied the development and nature of comparative education in China.Second,we conducted a bibliometric analysis of the entries in the last nine years(2001-2009) of Comparative Education Review(Bijiao jiaoyu yanjiu),which is the most prominent journal in the field in China,to chart the evolving nature of the field.We then discuss the discourse on the issues and directions in the field,which signifies an attempt to move away from knowledge transfer to knowledge interaction in the development of comparative education in China.In this study,we have found that comparative education is China-centric in the way that it is regarded as a means of knowing what happens in"foreign countries".However,the process has become an almost exclusively"look West"approach,especially looking towards the United States in its comparisons.Yet this approach is far from uncontested and there are strenuous efforts made by Chinese scholars to reconstruct comparative education with Chinese characteristics,at least moving comparative studies from knowledge transfer to knowledge interaction for the benefit of the development of education in China.The review of this development is therefore itself a case study of the process of adaptation of foreign knowledge to a particular cultural context interplayed with transplantation,indigenization and integration.

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2 李荣安;麦肖玲;;变革时代的教育改革与研究:比较教育的角色(英文)[A];北京论坛(2010)文明的和谐与共同繁荣——为了我们共同的家园:责任与行动:“变革时代的教育改革与教育研究:责任与未来”教育分论坛论文或摘要集[C];2010年
3 龚文杰;;Temporal and Spatial Dynamics of Rabies Virus in China[A];中国畜牧兽医学会生物制品学分会中国微生物学会兽医微生物学专业委员会2010年学术年会(第三届中国兽药大会学术论坛)论文集[C];2010年
4 Ed Sverko;Eric J.Reiner;Kurunthachalam Kannan;;Dechloranes in Surface Soil and Air in China[A];持久性有机污染物论坛2011暨第六届持久性有机污染物全国学术研讨会论文集[C];2011年
5 James Li;;Primary CB-28 Emission and Residues in China Due to Their Use in Power Transformers and Capacities[A];持久性有机污染物论坛2011暨第六届持久性有机污染物全国学术研讨会论文集[C];2011年
6 ;A Tectonic Escape Model for the Formation of Sedimentary Basins in the Yangzhou Block of theLower Yangtze Region,Eastern China[A];中国科学院地质与地球物理研究所2002学术论文摘要汇编[C];2002年
7 ;Land use induced changes of organic carbon storage in soils of China[A];中国科学院地质与地球物理研究所二○○三学术论文汇编·第三卷(地球环境·工程地质与灾害)[C];2003年
8 张忠杰;;Crustal structure and contact relationship revealed from deep seismic sounding data in South China[A];中国科学院地质与地球物理研究所2007学术论文汇编(第一卷)[C];2008年
9 ;The Cultural Relics Distribution Characteristics Along the Canal Line and Appraisal of its Influence by the Middle Route Project for Water Transferring from South to North China[A];中国科学院地质与地球物理研究所二○○三学术论文汇编·第三卷(地球环境·工程地质与灾害)[C];2003年
10 ;The Impact of the Relationship for the Development and Exchange of Agricultural Engineering Professionals between the U.S. and China[A];纪念中国农业工程学会成立30周年暨中国农业工程学会2009年学术年会(CSAE 2009)论文集[C];2009年
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1 王安菲;冷战后中非政治经济关系:中国对非洲的新型参与模式分析[D];吉林大学;2010年
2 桑巴特(KEM SAMBATH);中国的“和谐世界”政策及其对中国—东南亚国家关系的启示[D];吉林大学;2012年
3 艾法姆(Ubi, Efem Nkam);中国对非洲的援助[D];吉林大学;2011年
4 Willy Léonel SOUO(威利);中国与加蓬的外交关系:从1974年到现在[D];山东大学;2009年
5 马如莎(Maroodza Rangarirai Gladys);中国与津巴布韦的关系:1980年以来双边合作关系分析[D];吉林大学;2012年
6 SEYNI MAMOUDOU(马云飞);[D];西南财经大学;2010年
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8 Vootla.Shyam Kumar;家蚕来源的一株单链RNA病毒的分离和特性研究[D];浙江大学;2004年
9 Sheriff Ghali Ibrahim;中国共产党与尼日尼亚人民民主党的比较分析[D];华中师范大学;2011年
10 Olebogeng David Daw(杜大伟);中国和南非农村地区电力分布的可持续发展[D];西南财经大学;2010年
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1 金振求;中国的移动通讯产业和3G展望_与韩国比较[D];复旦大学;2010年
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1 袁元;DEMO CHINA 2010成长之星和创新之星揭晓[N];证券日报;2010年
2 ATEN China北京宏正腾达科技有限公司;ATEN China全面出击通信展[N];通信产业报;2010年
3 记者 朱周良;“Made for China”正当道[N];上海证券报;2010年
4 燕子;ispo china 2011圆满落幕专业观众创历史新高[N];中国服饰报;2011年
5 商容;ChinaNet将提速16倍[N];中国电子报;2000年
6 本报记者 陈格葛;Ispo China让户外走近生活[N];中国纺织报;2011年
7 ;Chinadatabase平均日增4000条记录[N];计算机世界;2004年
8 叶静;冲浪亮相LinuxWorld China 2000[N];通信产业报;2000年
9 记者 赵霞;ChinaCache为网站“救急”[N];计算机世界;2003年
10 商报记者 李鹏;China Joy上海闭幕 网游业遭遇“十年之痒”[N];中国图书商报;2010年
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