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Hyug Baeg Im  
【摘要】:Korean democracy entered the second generation. Three Kims (Kim Young Sam, Kim Dae Jung, Kim Jong Pil) presided the first generation of democracy after the democratic transition in 1987. Under the Three Kims era, Koreans achieved a very rapid transition to liberal democracy. Koreans successfully reinstituted a firm civilian supremacy over the military, institutionalized open, fair and regular elections, and made a peaceful turn over of the government by electing the candidate of the opposition party, Kim Dae Jung in 1997. Despite these achievements, the Three Kims also handed over some bad legacies to the next generation such as resilience of anti-communism, divisive regionalism, personalized party system, delegative presidency, political corruption, and Confucian political culture. Under the Three Kims era, Korean politics could not overcome the legacies from the political of industrial society and Confucian agrarian society such as "high cost-low efficiency" politics, unresponsice and unaccountable politics, low trust politics, closed network politics and exclusionary politics. However, since the last days of Kim Dae Jung presidency, as neo-nomadic society has moved ahead fast owing to digital revolution and globalization, old Confucian governance has been passing and neo-nomadic democratic governance has emerged and spread out to political circles and civil society. Imperial presidency has disappeared from political scene, regionalism has been waned and replaced by generational cleavage, and ideological orthodoxy imbued by Confucian culture has been retreating. In contrast, many symptoms of neo-nomadic governance have appeared on Korean political landscape. Political parties become smaller in size but more efficient, transparent, accountable and responsive. Political society now accepts the reality of power sharing with civil society. Koreans are turning to tolerate diverse ideologies and cultural values. Since the end of the Three Kims era, low cost-high efficiency politics through slimming down political organizations, enhancing political transparency, politics of responding speedily to people's demands, participatory politics open to everyone, and inclusive politics have become the watchwords for Korean democracy.

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1 Nalukui Milapo;[D];山东大学;2020年
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中国硕士学位论文全文数据库 前20条
1 ORACHORN SAECHANG;社会资本与泰国民主巩固现象[D];浙江大学;2016年
2 Oh,Jeonghyun;[D];上海交通大学;2018年
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4 Richard Mac Carthy;[D];复旦大学;2013年
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1 民革中央办公厅副主任 蔡永飞;两个“协商”的异同[N];人民政协报;2011年
2 国际金融报记者 苏蔓薏;亚洲一体化:向欧盟学什么?[N];国际金融报;2004年
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