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Characterizing poroelasticity of biological tissues by spherical indentation: an improved theory for large relaxation

Ming Wang  Shaobao Liu  Zhimin Xu  Kai Qu  Moxiao Li  Xin Chen  Qing Xue  Guy M.Genin  Tian Jian Lu  Feng Xu  
【摘要】:Flow of fluids within biological tissues often meets with resistance that causes a rate-and size-dependent material behavior known as poroelasticity. Characterizing poroelasticity can provide insight into a broad range of physiological functions, and is done qualitatively in the clinic by palpation. Indentation has been widely used for characterizing poroelasticity of soft materials, where quantitative interpretation of indentation requires a model of the underlying physics, and such existingmodels are well established for cases of small strain and modest force relaxationWe showed here that existing models are inadequate for large relaxation, where the force on the indenter at a prescribed depth at long-time scale drops to below half of the initially peak force(i.e., F(0)/F(∞) 2. We developed an indentation theory for such cases of large relaxation, based upon Biot theory and a generalized Hertz contact model. We demonstrated that proposed theory is suitable for biological tissues((e.g., spleen, kidney, skin and human cirrhosis liver with both small and large relaxations. The proposed method would be a powerful tool to characterize poroelastic properties of biological materials for various applications such as pathological study and disease diagnosis.

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