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Surface-Modified Metallic Ti_3C_2T_x MXene as Electron Transport Layer for Planar Heterojunction Perovskite Solar Cells

Lin Yang  Chunxiang Dall'Agnese  Yohan Dall'Agnese  Gang Chen  Yu Gao  Yoshitaka Sanehira  Ajay Kumar Jena  Xiao-Feng Wang  Yury Gogotsi  Tsutomu Miyasaka  
【摘要】:MXenes are a large and rapidly expanding family of two-dimensional(2 D) materials which,owing to their unique optoelectronic properties and tunable surface termination,find a wide range of applications including energy storage and energy conversion.In this work,Ti_3C_2T_x MXene nanosheets are applied as a novel type of electron transport layer(ETL) in low-temperature processed planar-structured perovskite solar cells(PSCs).Interestingly,simple UV-ozone treatment of the metallic Ti_3C_2T_x that increases the surface Ti-O bonds without any change in its bulk properties like high electron mobility improves its suitability as an ETL.Improved electron transfer and suppressed recombination at the ETL/perovskite interface results in augmentation of the power conversion efficiency(PCE) from 5.00% in the case of Ti_3C_2T_x without UV-ozone treatment to the champion PCE of 17.17%,achieved using the Ti_3C_2T_x film after 30 minutes of UV-ozone treatment.As the first report on the use of pure MXene layer as an ETL in PSCs,this work shows great potential of MXenes to be used in PSCs and displays their promises for applications in photovoltaic technology in general.

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