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Female body size affected reproductive output and fertilization success in a frog that have size-assortative mating

Yun Tang  Zhi-Qiang Chen  Le-Zhou Zheng  Guo-Hua Ding  Zhi-Hua Lin  
【摘要】:We used Fejervarya multistriata as a model animal to test the hypothesis that female body size is important for reproductive output and fertilization success in a frog that have size-assortative mating.We collected 123 amplectant pairs of F.multistriata by hand and net from the paddy field nearby.We measured the snout-vent length(SVL) of amplexed females,amplectant males and the distance of cloacal apertures between the sexes and weighted the post-spawning female body mass,then determined clutch size and fertilization rate for each pairs and obtained egg and clutch dry mass.According to the sexual size dimorphism index,we divided it into five levels.And finally,we got the following conclusions:(1)Female body size decided the extent of sexual size dimorphism in amplectant pairs of F multistriata;(2)size-assortative mating existed in F.multistriata;(3) female body size affected reproductive output and fertilization success in F.multistriata that have size-assortative mating.

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