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Risk genes are not associated with the age at onset of bipolar disorder

韩玉青  Ting-ting Mou  Man-li Huang  Jian-bo Lai  Jing Lu  Qiao-qiao Lu  Jian-bo Hu  Ning Wei  Wei-juan Xu  Wei-hua Zhou  Jing-kai Chen  Chan-chan Hu  Xiao-yi Zhou  Shao-jia Lu  Yi Xu  Shao-hua Hua  
【摘要】:Bipolar disorder has been proved to be a multigenic disease,and genetic factors play an important role in the pathogenesis of this disease.If there is a correlation between the risk genes and the age of onset of bipolar disorder,we can predict the onset age of bipolar disorder individuals by testing genes,so as to improve the early diagnosis and early intervention.To test this hypothesis,we search out 26 SNP sites which have been demonstrated to be associated with bipolar disorder.Then we test these SNPs' genotypes of 224 bipolar disorder patients,and analyzed the correlation between the risk genotypes and the age of onset.The results suggest that there is no significant correlation between these SNP sites and the age at onset in the patients with bipolar disorder(P 0.05).In summary,the study confirmed that bipolar disorder is a multigenic disease,and the single risk gene has no effect on the age of first onset.

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1 巩存奇;双相障碍共病调查及半年随访对比研究[D];山东大学;2016年
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