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Development of a Web-Based Laboratory Class to Reduce the Challenges in Teaching Fragment-Based Drug Design

石星星  Jing-Yi Li  Qiong Chen  Xiao-Lei Zhu  Ge-Fei Hao  Guang-Fu Yang  
【摘要】:Fragment-based drug design(FBDD) is a promising methodology to find quality drug leads. It is important in the curriculum of a drug design course due to its impact on drug discovery. However, teaching FBDD and its use by students remain challenging in most cases. A web-based laboratory class to teach FBDD in the form of our copyrighted workshops is described. The students' feedback and a quantitative evaluation of the results show that the web-based laboratory class is popular with students and facilitates students' learning of FBDD for design of possible drug-like molecules. The web-based laboratory class provides an opportunity for students to experience the process of FBDD and to conceive drug-like molecules.

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1 孟和阿木古浪;诃子抗氧化活性部位提取及油脂抗氧化作用研究[D];内蒙古大学;2016年
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1 闪吧 AOL;Flash MX 2004精彩特效5[N];中国电脑教育报;2003年
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