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Stable Cu sites confined in organic porous framework for selective electrochemical reduction of CO_2 to hydrocarbons

Lushan Ma  Weibo Hu  Liangliang Zou  Zhiqing Zou  Ke Wen  Hui Yang  
【摘要】:正Electrochemical CO_2 reduction(eCO_2R) via the utilization of renewable and intermittent electricity has emerged as an intriguing approach to reduce anthropogenic CO_2 emission and implement the energy conversion and storage. However, it remains a great challenge to rationally design highly efficient electrocatalysts with well-defined catalytic sites toward high value-added commodities, such as hydrocarbon. Herein, we firstly report stable Cu sites confined in a newly designed covalent triazine framework(CTF) for electrochemical CO_2 reduction to hydrocarbons,

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