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Engineered fluorescent proteins and their molecular mimics as new toolkits for biosensing and bioimaging

Zhou Nie  Chunyang Lei  Xiaohua Zhu  Guangfu Feng  Yan Huang  Shouzhuo Yao  
【摘要】:Fluorescent proteins(FPs) have emerged as valuable biological markers for gene expression and protein tracking in living systems. Developing synthetic materials mimicking natural fluorescent proteins is crucial for elucidating photo-physical mechanism of FPs and creating new emission-responsive materials and biosensors. Molecular engineering of FPs and their mimics is an effi cient approach to provide new bio-molecular toolkits for biotechnology and bio-analytical chemistry. Herein, we reported a series of new bio-sensing and bio-imaging approaches based on engineered FPs and their molecular mimics.(1) We prepared supercharged GFPs(ScGFP) by resurfacing process and used ScGFP as the signal reporter. A simple turn-on homogenous fluorescent method for DNA detection has been developed based on the polyionic complex of ScGFP/DNA and toehold strand displacement. This ScGFP-based assay was further combined with bisulfite conversion and applied to analyze site-specific DNA methylation status of human colon carcinoma tissue samples.(2) A label-free fluorescent method has been established for homogenous analyzing the activity of base excision repair enzymes based on DNA-mediated ScGFP/GO interaction.(3) A label-free and convenient strategy for probing PARP-1 activity has been established based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer(FRET) between cationic conjugated polymer(CCP)and ScGFP.(4) A label-free fluorescent sensor was developed for Cu2+ sensing relied on the unique multivalent metal ion-binding property of H39 GFP and fluorescence quenching effect of Cu2+ by electron transfer.(5) Based on metal ion-mediated self-assembly of recombinant H39 GFP, a protein delivery nano-system has been developed for tumor-targeting protein release in cellulo and in vivo.(6) We developed a set of DNA mimics of RFPs with high quantum yields, large Stokes shifts, excellent anti-photobleaching properties, and two-photon fluorescence. The DNA RFP mimics have been exploited for imaging of target membrane proteins in live cells and tissue samples without the need for genetic coding.

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