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Fingerprint analysis of Radix fici hirtae by HPLC and LC-MS

【摘要】:正An analytical method using High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) was developed for fingerprint analysis of Radix fici hirtae. Liquid chromatography – electrospray ionization - tandem mass

中国期刊全文数据库 前20条
1 Hongyan WEI;Qiongxi YU;Jinguang LU;Zhihong JIANG;Jingzheng SONG;Jian ZHOU;;Simultaneous Determination of Four Phenolic Acids in Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae Formula Granules by QAMS[J];Medicinal Plant;2019年06期
2 Yu ZHANG;Tong ZHANG;Shinong WANG;Yannan LI;Hui XUE;Wenbo ZUO;Chenghao JIN;;Study on Pharmacological Effects of Calycosin in Astragali Radix[J];Medicinal Plant;2020年02期
3 Yuanpeng SUN;Yanling SUN;Zheng CHENG;Yusi LIU;Zhe WU;;Intellectual Property Protection and High Quality Development of Radix Glycyrrhizae for Treatment of COVID-19[J];Asian Agricultural Research;2020年05期
4 Chaoyan QIN;Jiangcun WEI;Peitao XIE;Wen ZHONG;Shengbin CHEN;Fengxian ZHAO;Qian HAN;;Effect of Radix Ilicis Pubescentis on the Rats with Hyperlipidemia[J];Medicinal Plant;2020年04期
5 Min WEI;Hongxia CHEN;Xingli TANG;Naiwei LI;Yifeng ZHOU;;Optimization of Polysaccharide Extraction from Radix Glehniae Root Bark by Response Surface Methodology and Anti-immunosuppressive Activity Analysis[J];Agricultural Biotechnology;2016年03期
6 WANG Hui;QI Jin;HAN Dong-Qi;XU Tian;LIU Ji-Hua;QIN Min-Jian;ZHU Dan-Ni;YU Bo-Yang;;Cause and control of Radix Ophiopogonis browning during storage[J];Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines;2015年01期
7 Xiang HUANG;Xiaoping WANG;Xiaobai CHEN;;Determination of the Content of Mineral Elements in Radix Millettiae Speciosae by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry[J];Medicinal Plant;2014年07期
8 ;Research Status of Astragali Radix on Nerve Cells and Nerve System Diseases[J];Chinese Herbal Medicines;2012年04期
9 ;Bacteriostatic Study on Cortex Moutan and Radix Paeoniae Rubra Extract[J];Medicinal Plant;2010年03期
10 李义平,贺浪冲;INHIBITORY EFFECTS OF THE ALKALOIDS FROM Radix Caulophylli ON THE PROLIFERATION OF HUMAN VASCULAR ENDOTHELIAL CELL[J];Academic Journal of Xi'an Jiaotong University;2005年02期
11 王志维,高尚志,程邦昌,林道明,姚震,涂仲凡;Experimental Study on Therapeutic Effect of Combined Administration of Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae. Ligustrazine and Radix Sanchi on Late Hemorrhagic Shock of Rabbits[J];Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine;1998年04期
12 谢梅林,顾振纶,陈可冀;Progress in Experimental Research of Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae,Fructus Crataegi and Their Components Against Atherosclerosis[J];Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine;1998年04期
13 刘正湘,张坚,欧阳兴飚,刘晓春,关新民;The Effects of Radix Ginseng Rubra on cAMP of Experimental Ischemic Myocardium in Rats[J];Journal of Tongji Medical University;1999年02期
14 陈春富,贾海燕,郭述苏,陈同慧,王和德;Protecdive Effects of Radix Astrsgalus on Vascular Endotbelial Cells of Patients with Binswanger's Disease[J];Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine;1999年01期
15 孙婧,周信达,刘银坤;Study on Preventive and Therapeutic Effect of Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae on Recurrence and Metastasis of Liver Cancer[J];Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine;1999年03期
16 赵洪军,韩学忠,徐梅,刘素英;Effect of Radix and Rhizoma Rhei in Tresting 32 Cases of Early Stage Diabetic Nephrosis[J];Chinese Journal of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine;1997年03期
17 万剑峰;;Report of 60 Cases of Early Prolapse of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Treated with Moxibustion of Medical Cake[J];Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine;1994年01期
18 Pu CHEN;Xiangluan WAN;Hua ZHAO;Yujie CHEN;Dingrong WAN;;Study on HPLC Fingerprint and Simultaneous Determination of Three Active Components of Dipsaci Radix Collected in Different Time[J];Medicinal Plant;2019年02期
19 CHEN You-Hua;QI Jin;HUA Jing;YU Bo-Yang;;Structural characterization and identification of major constituents in Radix Scrophulariae by HPLC coupled with electrospray ionization quadrupole time-of-flight tandem mass spectrometry[J];Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines;2014年01期
20 LI Ke;ZHANG Rui;LI Shu-Ying;LIU Yue-Tao;LI Ai-Ping;LIU Xiao-Jie;DU Guan-Hua;QIN Xue-Mei;;Potential quality evaluation approach for the absolute growth years' wild and transplanted Astragali Radix based on anti-heart failure efficacy[J];Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines;2020年06期
中国重要会议论文全文数据库 前10条
1 闻莹莹;;Fingerprint analysis of Radix fici hirtae by HPLC and LC-MS[A];中国化学会第27届学术年会第09分会场摘要集[C];2010年
2 Jing Xie;Li-Sheng Ding;Li Chen;Lin-Sen Qing;Pei Luo;;A efficient method to identify cardioprotective components of Astragali Radix using a combination of molecularly imprinted polymers-based knockout extract and activity evaluation[A];首届东方药理论坛暨2018年全国心脑血管药理学术会议、上海市药理学会第十九届学术年会论文集[C];2018年
3 Fei Mu;JiaLin Duan;HaiXu Bian;Ying Yin;YanRong Zhu;Guo Wei;Yue Guan;YanHua Wang;Chao Guo;AiDong Wen;Yong Yang;MiaoMiao Xi;;Cardioprotective effects and mechanism of Radix salviae miltiorrhizae and Lignum dalbergiae odoriferae on rat myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury[A];中国药学会第十三届青年药学科研成果交流会论文集[C];2016年
4 Lin-Lin Chen;Xin Zhou;Yi-Xuan Zhang;Jia-Bo Wang;Xiao-He Xiao;Yung-Chi Cheng;;Chemical Composition and Heavy Metal Content of Radix Notoginseng from Different Sources[A];第十四届全国中药和天然药物学术研讨会论文摘要[C];2014年
5 Ka H.Wong;Valentina Razmovski-Naumovski;Kong M.Li;George,Q.Li;Kelvin Chan;;Application of ATP-FTIR Coupled with Multivariate Analyses to Discriminate Puerariae Lobatae Radix from Puerariae Thomsonii Radix[A];第十四届全国中药和天然药物学术研讨会论文摘要[C];2014年
6 Vincent Kan;Fion Ying;Dawn Au;;Systematic Review of Case Reports on Polygoni Multiflori Radix Induced Liver Injury[A];第十四届全国中药和天然药物学术研讨会论文摘要[C];2014年
7 Pan He;Zhen-Yu Li;Jie Xing;Xue-Mei Qin;Guan-Hua Du;;~1H NMR based metabolic profiling of the processing effect on Rehmanniae Radix[A];第十四届全国中药和天然药物学术研讨会论文摘要[C];2014年
8 Heping Liu;Zhaohua Peng;Runrong Zhang;Jing Huang;Wenzhang Huang;Hui Cao;;The Optimization Studies on Determination of Astragaloside Ⅳ in Astragali Radix[A];第十四届全国中药和天然药物学术研讨会论文摘要[C];2014年
9 ;Phytochemical diversity of Radix Scrophulariae and Environmental Influence[A];第九届全国药用植物及植物药学术研讨会论文集[C];2010年
10 ;A new application of an aqueous diphase solvent system in one-step preparation of polysaccharide from the crude water extract of Radix Astragali by high-speed counter-current chromatography[A];中药与天然药高峰论坛暨第十二届全国中药和天然药物学术研讨会论文集[C];2012年
中国硕士学位论文全文数据库 前5条
1 杜兆胜;基于FPGA的FFT硬件架构设计与实现[D];长春理工大学;2016年
2 彭智凤;谈中医药英语翻译的难点与对策[D];湖南师范大学;2010年
3 李玉娥;中医术语翻译实践报告[D];广东外语外贸大学;2016年
4 陈帅;面向应用领域的可重构计算单元研究[D];复旦大学;2013年
5 闫海龙;降低OFDM系统峰均比的电路设计[D];哈尔滨工业大学;2011年
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