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High temperature corrosion behaviour of chromia-forming nickel base alloys in CO_2-rich gases

Jianqiang Zhang  
【摘要】:Coal provides a cheap energy but creates an environmental issue because of carbon emission. Oxyfuel combustion has been developed as a promising technology for carbon capture and sequestration. However, at high temperature, CO_2 is very corrosive and as a result conventional ferritic/martensitic steels cannot survive. Nickel base alloys are with high creep strength and corrosion resistance which are appropriate materials for advanced ultra-supercritical power generation application. This presentation gives some fundamental research at UNSW on binary Ni-Cr alloys with varied Cr concentration 5-30 wt% in both dry and wet CO_2 gas at 650, 700, and 800°C. The effect of Fe addition on Ni-Cr corrosion in CO_2 gas will also be presented. The results showed that the corrosion behaviour of Ni-Cr alloys was affected by Cr concentration and temperature. The presence of water vapour significantly changed corrosion product morphologies and kinetics. The addition of Fe could play a benefit effect on corrosion resistance.

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