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Pronounced genetic differentiation in Fokienia hodginsii revealed by SSR markers

Qianyi Yin  Sufang Chen  Qiang Fan  Wenbo Liao  
【摘要】:Fokienia hodginsii is a Tertiary relict conifer of the monotypic genus Fokienia(Cupressaeca s.l.).Currently,the species is distributed in southern China,northern Vietnam,and northern Laos,and listed as "near threatened" species by the IUCN.In this study,totally 427 individuals of Fokienia hodginsii were sampled from China and Vietnam to characterize its genetic diversity and population differentiation.Based on the profiles of 12 SSR markers,we observed a high level of genetic diversity in F.hodginsii is at the species level(He = 0.635),albeit slightly lower than its sister species Chamaecyparis obtusa.Signals of bottleneck events were detected in the populations GXDMS,GXHJ,V-PXB and V-HB,probably due to the Pleistocene glaciations or over-exploitation in recent years.Pronounced genetic differentiations(Fst = 0.157) was found in this species.The inbreeding index(Fis = 0.176±0.024) indicated that F.hodginsii had a mixed mating system.Significant correlation was found between the pairwise genetic differentiation and geographic distance(r =0.882,P =0.01),suggesting that genetic differentiation among the populations follows the model of isolation by distance(IBD).The STRUCTURE and PCoA analysis revealed that these populations can be divided into four groups: the Western China Group located mainly in Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau,the Central China Group located mostly in Luoxiao Mountains-Nanling Mountains,the Eastern China Group mostly located in Wuyi Mountains and the Vietnam group contains two populations in Vietnam.Different terrains and elevations of populations may serve as the most probable factors leading to the differentiation between the Western China Group and the Central China Group,while the geographic isolation caused by lacking of proper habitats may greatly contribute to the differentiation between the Central China Group and the Eastern China Group.Based on the results,some conservation suggestions for this species were provided,such as establishing seed orchards and multiple nature reserves.

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