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Research on Cultivation Mode of Business English Talents in the Context of Cross-border E-commerce

【摘要】:In the context of strong national policy support for cross-border e-commerce,coupled with the increase in market demand for imported goods,the cross-border e-commerce retail import industry has ushered in great development opportunities.Cross-border e-commerce is an interdisciplinary subject with characteristics of international trade,e-commerce and foreign languages.However,there is a serious shortage of interdisciplinary CBEC talents according to corporate reports.Therefore,this article aims to figure out the cultivation mode of English talents suitable for the development requirements of CBEC import industry.It first describes the achievements and opportunities of cross-border retail import business,then introduces three forms of cross-border retail import business for highlighting the advantages of stocking mode and analyzes CBEC retail import's demand for interdisciplinary talents,finally proposes five suggestions for improvement of English talent cultivation to help Business English graduates meet the talent needs of CBEC market and industry.

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