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Collision-induced Quantum Interferences in Both the Frequency and Time Domains

【摘要】:正We theoretically and experimentally study the collision-induced quantum interferences in both the frequency and time domains. The quantum interferences between the two simultaneous 5S (or 4D) state wave packets and the two time-delayed 5S (or 4D) state wave packets via the collision-assisted two-step excitation 3S - 3P1/2,3/2- 5S (or 4D) in the Na2-Na system are experimentally observed. In addition, the effects of the various collision-induced

中国期刊全文数据库 前20条
2 Haikun Jia;Shiyao Qin;Ruiming Wang;Yang Xue;Deyi Fu;Anqing Wang;;Ship collision impact on the structural load of an offshore wind turbine[J];Global Energy Interconnection;2020年01期
3 李宝琴;任向河;张敬涛;;Controlling electron collision by counterrotating circular two-color laser fields[J];Chinese Physics B;2020年04期
4 陈坤;常超;李永东;王洪广;刘纯亮;;Microwave frequency downshift in the timevarying collision plasma[J];Plasma Science and Technology;2020年02期
5 Yi Li;Zhi Ning;Ming Lü;;Experimental study on fusion and break-up motion after droplet collision[J];Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering;2020年03期
6 张金玉;许婷;葛志伟;赵娟;高守宝;孟庆田;;Mechanism analysis of reaction S~+(~2D)+H_2(X~1Σ_g~+) → SH~+(X~3Σ~-) + H(~2S) based on the quantum state-to-state dynamics[J];Chinese Physics B;2020年06期
7 武倩倩;刘行易;矫滕菲;Surajit Sen;黄德财;;Head-on Collision of Solitary Waves Described by the Toda Lattice Model in Granular Chain[J];Chinese Physics Letters;2020年07期
8 Li Xie;Junjie Li;Yakui Liu;;Review on charging model of sand particles due to collisions[J];Theoretical & Applied Mechanics Letters;2020年04期
9 程冬;李亚;凤尔银;黄武英;;Electric-field-modified Feshbach resonances in ultracold atom–molecule collision[J];Chinese Physics B;2017年01期
10 崔英花;;A collision recovery algorithm using optimal Q parameter based on BIBD in RFID[J];High Technology Letters;2016年04期
11 Aditya Rio Prabowo;Dong Myung Bae;Jung Min Sohn;Ahmad Fauzan Zakki;Bo Cao;Qing Wang;;Analysis of structural behavior during collision event accounting for bow and side structure interaction[J];Theoretical & Applied Mechanics Letters;2017年01期
12 WANG An;WANG ZongYue;ZHENG XueXin;WANG XiaoMei;CHEN Man;ZHANG GuoShuang;WU LiJi;;Efficient collision attacks on smart card implementations of masked AES[J];Science China(Information Sciences);2015年05期
13 Yongxiang He;Haibo Zhao;Haoming Wang;Chuguang Zheng;;Differentially weighted direct simulation Monte Carlo method for particle collision in gas-solid flows[J];Particuology;2015年04期
14 SU Jian;WEN Guangjun;HONG Danfeng;;A New RFID Anti-collision Algorithm Based on the Q-Ary Search Scheme[J];Chinese Journal of Electronics;2015年04期
15 YANG Fang-dong;;Parameter Computing Targets with Fission Fragments in Gas[J];Annual Report of China Institute of Atomic Energy;2016年00期
16 Lei Zhengbao;Wang Rui;;The response of collision speed caused by the large bus to new flexible barrier[J];Engineering Sciences;2014年01期
17 Xiao-Li Xu;Yong-Qing Xiong;;A method for calculating probability of collision between space objects[J];Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics;2014年05期
18 CHEN Shu;Rashid Ahmad;Byung-Gil Lee;Do Hyeun Kim;;Composition ship collision risk based on fuzzy theory[J];Journal of Central South University;2014年11期
19 XU XiaoLi;XIONG YongQing;;Analysis of the applicability of collision probability algorithms for nonlinear relative motion[J];Science China(Physics,Mechanics & Astronomy);2013年05期
20 ;A new one-bit diFFerence collision attack on HAVAL-128[J];Science China(Information Sciences);2012年11期
中国重要会议论文全文数据库 前10条
1 ;Collision-induced Quantum Interferences in Both the Frequency and Time Domains[A];第十二届全国量子光学学术会议论文摘要集[C];2006年
2 Junmeng Zhao;Jamshed Aminov;Heng Zhang;Shuze Chen;;Structure of Pamir-Hindu Kush collision zone revealed by seismic tomography[A];2019年中国地球科学联合学术年会论文集(二)——专题4:西太平洋板块俯冲与东亚壳幔演化、专题5:陆陆碰撞带深部结构和动力学意义、专题6:大地构造与沉积盆地[C];2019年
3 Fu Menghao;Jun Cui;;The Variations of the Martian Exobase Altitude[A];2019年中国地球科学联合学术年会论文集(二十五)——专题64:太阳活动及其空间天气效应、专题65:行星物理学、专题66:天体化学与行星科学、专题67:地球与行星内部结构及其动力学[C];2019年
4 LIU Zhimin;HUO Jingchen;LIU Chunxiang;XIONG Bensheng;GAO Bo;QIAO Junping;CHENG Zhuqing;;Cross Section Optimal Design of 6082 Aluminium Alloy Anti-collision Beam Based on the Crash Simulation Analysis Using Ls-dyna[A];2018中国汽车工程学会年会论文集[C];2018年
5 ;Global strength assessment for semi-submersible column after supply vessel collision accident[A];第十四届中国海洋(岸)工程学术讨论会论文集(上册)[C];2009年
6 ;Survey of the Advances in Reader Anti-collision Algorithms for RFID Systems[A];Proceedings of the 2011 Chinese Control and Decision Conference(CCDC)[C];2011年
7 ;The improvement of RFID anti-collision algorithm[A];第24届中国控制与决策会议论文集[C];2012年
8 ZongJin Qu;GuangJiu Zhao;;TDWP Study of the He+HeD~+→HeD~+ +He Exchange Reaction and Comparison with Quasiclassical Trajectory Calculations[A];第十三届全国化学动力学会议报告摘要集[C];2013年
9 Qin Jiaxiang;He Rui;Liu Yan;Deng Weiwen;Zhang Sumin;;Research on Lateral Active Collision Avoidance Algorithms for Intelligent Vehicles[A];2019中国汽车工程学会年会论文集(1) [C];2019年
10 ZHOU Xiang-yu;LIU Zheng-jiang;WANG Feng-wu;NI Sheng-ke;;Collision Risk Identification of Autonomous Ships Based On the Synergy Ship Domain[A];第30届中国控制与决策会议论文集(5)[C];2018年
中国博士学位论文全文数据库 前3条
1 张夏;准量子方法研究NO(X)-He体系的转动非弹性散射过程[D];吉林大学;2013年
2 阮强强;基于AIS的船舶航行安全保障理论与关键技术研究[D];大连海事大学;2019年
3 李霄剑;基于光镊的斑马鱼体内单细胞自动运输系统研究[D];中国科学技术大学;2017年
中国硕士学位论文全文数据库 前10条
1 Duom Peter Chol;[D];湖南大学;2018年
2 Ehsan Shoorni;[D];北京邮电大学;2016年
4 于展鹏;基于GPU集群的PIC方法并行加速研究[D];上海交通大学;2014年
5 Mahfoudh Ahmed Beiba;[D];中国科学技术大学;2010年
6 伊丽莎白(RASOLKOVA Elizabeth R.);两个漩涡的同轴碰撞数值模拟[D];大连理工大学;2014年
7 石辰;虚拟现实仿真中多层次交互式路径规划的改进和增强[D];哈尔滨工业大学;2014年
8 Devkota Yuba Raj;[D];华中科技大学;2009年
9 Nasir Khan;井眼碰撞风险评价及其应用[D];中国石油大学(华东);2015年
10 杨红征;冲突与和解—黑格尔冲突理论视角下海明威作品的解读[D];华中师范大学;2016年
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