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A Super Pan-Genomic Landscape of Rice

Lianguang Shang  Xiaoxia Li  Huiying He  Qiaoling Yuan  Yanni Song  Zhaoran Wei  Hai Lin  Min Hu  Fengli Zhao  Chao Zhang  Yuhua Li  Hongsheng Gao  Tianyi Wang  Xiangpei Liu  Hong Zhang  Ya Zhang  Shuaimin Cao  Xiaoman Yu  Bintao Zhang  Yong Zhang  Yiqing Tan  Mao Qin  Cheng Ai  Yingxue Yang  Bin Zhang  Zhiqiang Hu  Hongru Wang  Yang Lv  Yuexing Wang  Jie Ma  Quan Wang  Hongwei Lu  Zhe Wu  Shanlin Liu  Zongyi Sun  Hongliang Zhang  Longbiao Guo  Zichao Li  Yongfeng Zhou  Jiayang Li  Zuofeng Zhu  Guosheng Xiong  Jue Ruan  Qian Qian  
【摘要】:Pan-genomes from large natural populations can capture genetic diversity and reveal genomic complexity.Using de novo long-read assembly,we generated a graphbased super pan-genome of a 251-accession panel comprising both cultivated and wild species of Asian and African rice.Our pan-genome reveals extensive structural variations(SVs) and gene presence/absence variations.Additionally,our pan-genome enables the accurate identification of nucleotide-binding leucine-rich repeat genes and characterization of their inter-and intraspecific diversity.Moreover,we uncovered grain weight-associated SVs which specify traits by affecting the expression of their nearby genes.We characterized genetic variants associated with submergence tolerance,seed shattering and plant architecture and found independent selection for a common set of genes that drove adaptation and domestication in Asian and African rice.This super pan-genome facilitates pinpointing of lineage-specific haplotypes for trait-associated genes and provides insights into the evolutionary events that have shaped the genomic architecture of various rice species.

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1 De-Zhu Li;Jun-Bo Yang;Hong-Tao Li;Zeng-Xia Zeng;Lian-Ming Gao;Ting-Shuang Yi;Peter M.Hollingsworth;;From Barcodes to Genomes:Building Genomic Resources for Plant Identification and Phylogenomics[A];首届植物科学前沿学术大会摘要集(一)[C];2022年
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3 Huanyi Fu;Rongdiao Liu;Ran Li;Zixuan Jia;Feifeng Zhu;Wenxuan Zhu;Yangqing Shao;Yiyang Jin;Yuhua Xue;Kunxin Luo;Xiang Gao;Huasong Lu;Qiang Zhou;;Poly(ADP-ribosylation) of P-TEFb disrupts phase separation to inhibit global transcription upon genotoxic stress[A];2021年全国生物相分离和相变学术研讨会论文集[C];2021年
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9 Zheng Zhang;Zena Cai;Zhiying Tan;Congyu Lu;Taijiao Jiang;Gaihua Zhang;Yousong Peng;;Rapid identification of human-infecting viruses[A];第一届全国生物信息与传染病交叉论坛摘要集[C];2019年
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20 Hu Zhao;Wen Yao;Gongwei Wang;Xingming Lian;Qifa Zhang;Weibo Xie;;RiceVarMap:a comprehensive database of rice genomic variations[A];第十四届全国植物基因组学大会摘要[C];2013年
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1 袁细国;基因组变异仿真与基因组模式鉴定[D];西安电子科技大学;2011年
2 Mohsin Ali;全基因组选择的多种预测模型对中国冬小麦产量和品质性状的预测精度研究[D];中国农业科学院;2020年
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1 Mbulayi Onesime;基于卡方检验和随机森林算法的基因组岛检测算法[D];浙江理工大学;2021年
2 华菲;拟南芥类受体激酶基因编码序列克隆及RLCK561的功能研究[D];兰州大学;2014年
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