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An Anti-Poisoning Attack Method for Distributed AI System

Xuezhu Xin  Yang Bai  Haixin Wang  Yunzhen Mou  Jian Tan  
【摘要】:In distributed AI system, the models trained on data from potentially unreliable sources can be attacked by manipulating the training data distribution by inserting carefully crafted samples into the training set, which is known as Data Poisoning.Poisoning will to change the model behavior and reduce model performance.This paper proposes an algorithm that gives an improvement of both efficiency and security for data poisoning in a distributed AI system.The past methods of active defense often have a large number of invalid checks, which slows down the operation efficiency of the whole system.While passive defense also has problems of missing data and slow detection of error source.The proposed algorithm establishes the suspect hypothesis level to test and extend the verification of data packets and estimates the risk of terminal data.It can enhance the health degree of a distributed AI system by preventing the occurrence of poisoning attack and ensuring the efficiency and safety of the system operation.

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1 胡慧军;一氧化碳中毒脑损伤的临床特征及高压氧改善脑白质脱髓鞘的保护机制研究[D];第二军医大学;2017年
2 马亚海(Haider Salim Hmood);向后兼容防缓存污染攻击的方法研究[D];华中科技大学;2014年
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1 努尔(Edwin N. Sumowar);[D];吉林大学;2018年
2 李迪;一氧化碳中毒发病特点分析及早期防治研究[D];河北工程大学;2018年
3 熊书艺;平均血小板体积和血小板/淋巴细胞比值在预测急性一氧化碳中毒迟发型脑病发生中的应用价值[D];川北医学院;2019年
4 林洁羽;血液灌流联合血液滤过与单纯血液滤过治疗重症毒蕈中毒疗效比较[D];吉林大学;2017年
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9 张学民;代谢性谷氨酸受体8和钙粘蛋白17基因多态性与急性一氧化碳中毒后迟发性脑病的关联研究[D];新乡医学院;2014年
10 王艺博;百草枯中毒不同结局患者基因表达差异的研究[D];郑州大学;2020年
11 田黎黎;百草枯中毒致急性肾损伤48例临床分析[D];广西医科大学;2017年
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