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Robotic arm calibration and teaching method based on binocular vision

Ming Chen  Xin Hong  Longsheng Wei  Yi Liu  Chi Xu  
【摘要】:Aiming at the errors caused by the production and assembly of the robotic arm and the problem of low absolute positioning accuracy, a method of robotic arm calibration and teaching based on binocular vision is proposed in this paper. First,the joints of the robot arm is controled to rotate separately, and the motion trajectory data of the end of the robot arm is recorded by the binocular vision. Then the circle center and circle plane normal vector of each joint axis motion is optimized using Adam algorithm. After identification and calculation, accurate kinematic parameters are obtained, and then kinematically model the manipulator once again. After the calibration is completed, the user can use the teaching rod to define the trajectory under the camera, and the defined trajectory is converted to the robot arm coordinate system for inverse kinematics solution. Finally, the robotic armis controled to reproduce the trajectory. Experimental results show that the proposed method can complete the precise calibration of the kinematic parameters of the robotic arm. After calibration, the average error of the end of the robotic arm is within 1 mm, and the absolute positioning accuracy is improved by more than 80%. The method proposed in this paper has low cost and simple operation, and it is easy to be popularized and applied in industrial and desktop robotic arm calibration and teaching.

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