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A General Framework of Knowledge-Based Coaching System with Application in Table Tennis Training

Weichao Yan  Hao Ma  Zaiyue Yang  
【摘要】:As the growth of people's awareness in health and fitness, high-level sports exercise coaching resources become scarce comparing to the fast increasing demands. In traditional sports training, coaches are responsible for scheduling training sessions and giving instructions based on the performance of the trainee. This paper proposes a general knowledge-based coaching system(KBCS) for the purpose of automatic and intelligent sports training. Through systematically modeling the interactive training process between the coach and the trainee as a sequential decision problem, we show that the knowledge-based training controller can be properly designed to help the trainee to make effective progress towards the preset training goal. Partial implementation of KBCS in the table tennis training has been realized to demonstrate and verify the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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