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Anti-Sway Control of Underactuated Cranes Using Linear Quadratic Regulator and Extended State Observer Techniques

Zhi Feng  Jun Yang  En Shao  
【摘要】:The undesirable sway effects of the spreader of the underactuated cranes bring great challenges for control engineers.With traditional control methods,the spreader may spend much time to come to a standstill,which will significantly reduce the efficiency of port terminal.Linear quadratic regulator(LQR),which can carry out optimization by taking both position and angle into consideration,provides an adequate way for anti-sway control of the cranes.However,the performance of the LQR controller is generally poor in the presence of external disturbances and model uncertainties.To this end,an extended state observer(ESO) is further designed to compensate the undesirable effects of disturbances and uncertainties.A composite disturbance rejection controller by combining LQR and ESO is then developed for anti-sway control of the crane system subject to various uncertainties.Simulation results are finally provided to demonstrate the feasibility and efficiency of proposed controller.

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