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Defect prediction of low pressure die casting in crankcase production based on data mining methods

Bo-Wen Yuan  Zhong-Liang Zhang  Xing-Gang Luo  Yang Yu  Jing-Ying Sun  Xiao-Hua Zou  Xiao-Dong Zou  
【摘要】:Low Pressure Die Casting(LPDC) is widely used in crankcase production.Owing to the unstable production situation and the complex shape of crankcase,porosity defect usually occurs in LPDC process which leads to loss in quality and productivity.In this paper,we apply data mining methods to predict the porosity defect in advance,so that we can take actions to prevent it from reoccurring in the next production part,thereby increasing the quality and productivity.To do it,firstly,we collect production data from a real-world casting line.Secondly,we prepare the data for prediction by feature extraction and feature selection.Thirdly,we apply an ensemble algorithm named Forest of Local Trees(FLT) for defect prediction.Finally,we present a thorough experimental study of the proposed method.The results show that our method outperforms other five algorithms on five real-world datasets in terms of three indicators,recall,precision and F-measure.

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1 Bo-Wen Yuan;Zhong-Liang Zhang;Xing-Gang Luo;Yang Yu;Jing-Ying Sun;Xiao-Hua Zou;Xiao-Dong Zou;;Defect prediction of low pressure die casting in crankcase production based on data mining methods[A];第32届中国控制与决策会议论文集(5)[C];2020年
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1 Muhammad Sohail Khan;[D];中国科学技术大学;2017年
2 Naser Golsanami;煤储层裂缝识别的岩石物理模型研究[D];中国石油大学(华东);2018年
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1 Dae Yeon Kim;[D];上海交通大学;2015年
2 Glenn Kwabena Gyimah;[D];华南理工大学;2010年
3 刘万里;《实用岩石物理学卷62》(节选)翻译实践报告[D];中国石油大学(华东);2016年
4 Kesumaputra Wiranegara;[D];中国石油大学(北京);2016年
5 Mohammed Abedalwafa(王洛发);[D];东华大学;2013年
6 诺曼哈菲兹(Noman Hafeez);3D打印制备β型Ti-35Nb-2Ta-3Zr合金的微结构演变与力学性能[D];上海交通大学;2019年
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