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Research on Attitude Control of Quadrotor UAV Based on Active Disturbance Rejection Control

Zuling Song  Yongji Wang  Lei Liu  Zhongtao Cheng  Ye Yang  
【摘要】:Aiming at enhancing the disturbance suppression ability of attitude control of quadrotor UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle),design an ADRC(Active Disturbance Rejection Control) based on quadrotor UAV.Different from the traditional trial adjustment of the parameter b0 in ADRC design,it can be derived according to the characteristics of the quadrotor model in this paper.Firstly,a non-linear kinematic model of a quadrotor UAV is established,and then each module of the ADRC is designed and debugged by modules.Finally,the system is simulated and verified.The experimental results show that ADRC has a stronger disturbance suppression capability than PID control,which greatly improves the stability of the system and enhances the drone's flight control ability in complex environments.

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