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A Matlab-Based Digital-Physical Hybrid Real-time Simulation Platform for Power System

Xinyun Feng  Tian Yan  Aimin Zhang  Hang Zhang  Huan Liu  Xiu Ling Wei  
【摘要】:Power system simulation is an important means to study the dynamic behavior, to ensure the safety and stability, and to optimize the operation of power grid. The traditional pure digital simulation technology has problems such as inaccurate simulation results, high simulation costs and poor real-time performance. This paper presents a digital physical hybrid real-time simulation platform for power system combining the embedded physical system and digital simulator with the advantages of both systems. The platform uses MFC, Matlab and other softwares to build man-machine interface and data simulation system and uses embedded devices to simulate the data exchange process of real power system. Such a design allows simulation systems to produce results that are very close to those of real systems to validate advanced control strategies and algorithms. The real-time performance and usability of the system designed in this paper is demonstrated by the experiment results obtained through the actual communication with the system under test.

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