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Disparity map optimization based on edge detection

Xinyu Yue  Fangrong Wang  Baicang Guo  Pengzhi Xu  Jian Shi  
【摘要】:In stereo vision, disparity map after stereo matching using projection model can get the depth information and 3D information of the original image. In order to improve the accuracy and speed of stereo matching, improving the quality of disparity map becomes the core problem of stereo matching. Firstly, the paper extracted edge information of binocular images using Canny, Scharr and Sobel edge detection algorithm. On this basis, the paper use SGBM algorithm(Semi-global block Matching) and DP algorithm(Dynamic Programming)and CSCA algorithm(Cross-scale Cost Aggregation) respectively calculated the disparity map and its error rate. After analysis, the combination of Canny detection algorithm and CSCA algorithm can eliminate a large number of number of irrelevant information and reduce the amount of data processing. The real scene image is selected to validate the method.Based on the above research results, the method improved the quality of disparity map.

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