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Spectral Geometry Processing with Manifold Harmonics

Bruno Lévy  
【摘要】:正Spectral mesh processing is an idea that was proposed at the beginning of the 90's,to port the "signal processing toolbox" to the setting of 3D mesh models.Recent advancesin both computer horsepower and numerical software make it possible to fully implementthis vision.In the more classical context of sound and image processing,Fourier analysis was a corner stone in the development of a wide spectrum of techniques,such as filteringand recognition to name but a few.In this talk,I will first present Laplacian eigenfunctions and the Manifold Harmonics transfom,that can be understood as "Fourier analysis for mesh models".

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20 汪爱爱;全空间上带变号权函数的分数阶Laplacian算子特征值问题[D];兰州大学;2018年
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