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Essential role of hMASP-2 on the granuloma formation in animal model of tuberculosis

Ma Xingming  Xu Xiaoying  Luo Yanping  Zhang Lifeng  Wang Jingqiu  
【摘要】:Tuberculosis is a chronic infectious disease,which caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis.It typically affects the functions of the lung and causes high morbidity and mortality rates worldwide.The formation and maintenance of granuloma are central to the development of the pathology of tuberculosis in murine models and human.MASP-2(MBL-associated serine protease-2) is an executioner enzyme,which plays an essential role in the activation of complment lectin pathway.We have previously studies the effects of human MASP-2(hMASP-2) on liquefaction and ulceration using a rabbit-skin model of BCG.We found that the hMASP-2 induced a dual effect in BCG-infected rabbit skin models,which promotes both the progress of lesions and reduces the survival of the mycobacteria within them.However,we used mouse model by intranasal administration of BCG to mice.Then recombinant adenovirus of hMASP-2 were applied to the BALB/c mice by intranasal administration.We found that the hMASP-2 increased the survival rate of infected mice and decreased the bacteria loads in lung tissue.hMASP-2 also displayed a protective efficacy in BCG-infected mice,which promoted the activation and recruitment of macrophages and lymphocytes to the granuloma,and induced the secretion of CCL12 and Th1 type cytokines.The findings provided an evidence that hMASP-2 may be as a newly immunomodulatory in targeting granuloma formation,which displayed a potential protective role in control of tuberculosis.

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