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Beta Counting System

【摘要】:正Beta-decay is often characterized by the large decay energies(10~20MeV),which will lead to the population of excited states with a wide excitation range,in particular particle unbound states,in the daughter

中国期刊全文数据库 前20条
1 丁晓彬;董晨钟;Fumihiro Koike;Takako Kato;Stephan Fritzsche;;Excitation and decay dynamics of 1s2s inner-shell double-vacancy states of neon atoms[J];Chinese Physics B;2008年02期
2 ;Evaluation of Decay Data for ~(175)Hf[J];中国核科技报告;1998年S2期
3 A.B.Yakhyaev;V.S.Farzaliyev;E.P.Safarova;;Distribution of stem decay in the beech trees of the Azerbaijan and its impact on the output of commercial wood[J];Journal of Forestry Research;2019年03期
4 Yu-Ting Wang;De-Qing Fang;Xin-Xing Xu;Li-Jie Sun;Kang Wang;Peng-Fei Bao;Zhen Bai;Xi-Guang Cao;Zhi-Tao Dai;Bing Ding;Wan-Bing He;Mei-Rong Huang;Shi-Lun Jin;Cheng-Jian Lin;Ming L;Long-Xiang Liu;Yong Li;Peng Ma;Jun-Bing Ma;Jian-Song Wang;Shi-Tao Wang;Shao-Qiang Ye;Yan-Yun Yang;Cheng-Long Zhou;Ming-Hui Zhao;Huan-Qiao Zhang;Yu-Gang Ma;Wen-Qing Shen;;Implantation-decay method to study the β-delayed charged particle decay[J];Nuclear Science and Techniques;2018年07期
5 周超;宋昴;李刚;周雅瑾;郭建友;;Next-to-leading order QCD corrections to Higgs boson decay to quarkonium plus a photon[J];Chinese Physics C;2016年12期
6 Li Wang;Qian Yue;KeJun Kang;JianPing Cheng;YuanJing Li;TszKing Henry Wong;ShinTed Lin;JianPing Chang;JingHan Chen;QingHao Chen;YunHua Chen;Zhi Deng;Qiang Du;Hui Gong;Li He;QingJu He;JinWei Hu;HanXiong Huang;TengRui Huang;LiPing Jia;Hao Jiang;HauBin Li;Hong Li;JianMin Li;Jin Li;Jun Li;Xia Li;XueQian Li;YuLan Li;FongKay Lin;ShuKui Liu;Hao Ma;JingLu Ma;XingYu Pan;Jie Ren;XiChao Ruan;ManBin Shen;Vivek Sharma;Lakhwinder Singh;Manoj Kumar Singh;Manoj Kumar Singh;Arun Kumar Soma;ChangJian Tang;WeiYou Tang;ChaoHsiung Tseng;JiMin Wang;Qing Wang;ShiYong Wu;YuCheng Wu;HaoYang Xing;Yin Xu;Tao Xue;LiTao Yang;SongWei Yang;Nan Yi;ChunXu Yu;HaiJun Yu;WeiHe Zeng;XiongHui Zeng;Zhi Zeng;Lan Zhang;YunHua Zhang;MingGang Zhao;Wei Zhao;JiFang Zhou;ZuYing Zhou;JingJun Zhu;WeiBin Zhu;ZhongHua Zhu;;First results on ~(76)Ge neutrinoless double beta decay from CDEX-1 experiment[J];Science China(Physics,Mechanics & Astronomy);2017年07期
7 樊国号;邓淑芳;张孟;;Decay Mode Solutions for Kadomtsev-Petviashvili Equation[J];Communications in Theoretical Physics;2012年05期
8 周智勇;王其超;高清;;Investigation of the rescattering effect in D decay[J];中国物理C;2011年08期
9 Vincent De WAELE;Sébastien SORGUES;Pascal PERNOT;Jean-Louis MARIGNIER;Mehran MOSTAFAVI;;Kinetics study of the solvated electron decay in THF using laser-synchronised picosecond electron pulse[J];Nuclear Science and Techniques;2007年01期
10 ;Calculation of half-life for ~(79)Se decay[J];Nuclear Science and Techniques;2006年01期
11 Qin Zhi, D. Ackermann,W. Brüchle,F. P. Hessberger,E. Jger,P. Kuusiniemi,G. Münzenberg,D. Nayak,E. Schimpf,M. Schdel,B. Schausten,A. Semchenkov,B. Sulignano,K. Eberhardt,J. V. Kratz,D. Liebe,P. Thrle,Yu. N. Novikov;Search for "missing" α-decay Branch in ~(239)Cm[J];IMP & HIRFL Annual Report;2004年00期
12 ;Structure of ~(208)Tl Levels[J];IMP & HIRFL Annual Report;2000年00期
13 余青;吴兴刚;王声权;黄旭东;申建明;曾军;;Properties of the decay H→γγ using the approximate α_s~4 corrections and the principle of maximum conformality[J];Chinese Physics C;2019年09期
14 于国梁;王志刚;李振宇;;Analysis of the charmonium-like states X~*(3860), X(3872), X(3915),X(3930) and X(3940) according to their strong decay behaviors[J];Chinese Physics C;2018年04期
15 吕才典;Faisal Munir;秦溱;;b→ssd decay in Randall-Sundrum models[J];Chinese Physics C;2017年05期
16 Tianyong Sun;Lihai Wang;Huadong Xu;Zhenyu Bao;;Effect of soil physical–chemical properties on the decay of standing Pinus koraiensis in Xiaoxing'an Mountains,northeast China[J];Journal of Forestry Research;2015年04期
17 梁宇学;;What is the logistic growth(or decay)?[J];中学生数学;2014年01期
18 周书华;;Environmental effects on nuclear decay rates[J];中国物理C;2011年05期
19 Jun Feng;YanLin Ye;Biao Yang;ChengJian Lin;HuiMin Jia;DanYang Pang;ZhiHuan Li;JianLing Lou;QiTe Li;XiaoFei Yang;Jing Li;HongLiang Zang;Qiang Liu;Wei Jiang;ChenGuang Li;Yang Liu;ZhiQiang Chen;HongYi Wu;ChunGuang Wang;Wei Liu;Xiang Wang;JingJing Li;DiWen Luo;Ying Jiang;ShiWei Bai;JinYan Xu;NanRu Ma;LiJie Sun;DongXi Wang;;Enhanced monopole transition strength from the cluster decay of ~(13)C[J];Science China(Physics,Mechanics & Astronomy);2019年01期
20 Helmut Vogel;;Charmonium spectroscopy and decay at CLEO-c[J];中国物理C;2010年06期
中国重要会议论文全文数据库 前10条
1 ;Beta Counting System[A];第十四届全国核物理大会暨第十届会员代表大会论文集[C];2010年
2 韩晓霞;Caixia Li;;Photo-generated carrier s decay behavior of nano-crystalline β-SiC thin film Irradiated by Pulse Laser[A];TFC'11全国薄膜技术学术研讨会论文摘要集[C];2011年
3 ;Isoscaling from 1st-channel and all-channel decay by GEMINI[A];Book of Abstracts of the 13~(th) National Conference on Nuclear Structure and the 9~(th) Symposium on "Nuclear Structure and Quantum Mechanics"[C];2010年
4 刘书焕;刘喃喃;赵耀林;贺朝会;万俊生;曾君;;Theoretical Simulation of the Track Structures in Atmosphere Produced by ~(90)Sr-~(90)Y Beta Source[A];第十四届全国核物理大会暨第十届会员代表大会论文集[C];2010年
5 C.B.Wang;J.K.Chao;C.-H.Lin;;Influence of the solar wind dynamic pressure on the decay and injection of the ring current[A];第十届全国日地空间物理学术讨论会论文摘要集[C];2003年
6 XinliangGao;Quanming Lu;Lican Shan;Shui Wang;;Parametric instability of a linearly polarized monochromaticAlfven wave:Perpendicular decay in low beta plasma[A];中国空间科学学会空间物理学专业委员会第十五届全国日地空间物理学研讨会摘要集[C];2013年
7 ;Isospin effect in the sequential binary decay calculation[A];2007年全国核反应会暨生物物理与核物理学科交叉前沿研讨会论文摘要集[C];2007年
8 A.N.Andreyev;M.Huyse;R.J.Liotta;P.Van Duppen;R.Wyss;;Abrupt changes in alpha decay systematics as a manifestation of collective nuclear modes[A];Book of Abstracts of the 13~(th) National Conference on Nuclear Structure and the 9~(th) Symposium on "Nuclear Structure and Quantum Mechanics"[C];2010年
9 Tian Zhang;Qian Peng;Zhigang Shuai;;Aggregation Effects on the Optical Emission of 1,1,2,3,4,5-Hexaphenylsilole(HPS): A QM/MM Study[A];中国化学会第十二届全国量子化学会议论文摘要集[C];2014年
10 朱守华;;3-sigma anomaly of W->tau nu decay in new physics beyond SM——first clean hint of right-handed charge current?((hep-ph/0504123)[A];第九届全国粒子物理学术会议论文集[C];2005年
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