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Reliable remaining useful life prediction for Lithium-ion battery driven by state-of-charge estimation and data processing techniques

Zhiyu Yu  Yuchen Jiang  Hao Luo  Shen Yin  
【摘要】:Batteries will age after being used for some time.If the charge is insufficient,the electrical systems they power will stop functioning or even run out of control.To have good knowledge about the real-time status of the batteries,many researchers study the long short term memory(LSTM) model to estimate the remaining useful life(RUL) of the batteries,and they usually focus on the prediction results of a single experiment.However,they did not care about the model performance in repeated experiments.In repeated experiments,each experiment is a simulation of the life cycle of a battery.To perform long-term reliable estimation,this paper proposes effective data preprocessing techniques to obtain feature data,which are used to drive the baseline LSTM model.Specifically,empirical mode decomposition(EMD) and selective data expansion are adopted to achieve an accurate evaluation of the state of health(SoH).Then,a filter is designed to reduce the fluctuation caused by the variation of model parameters in each experiment,after which the RUL of the battery is inferred from SoH.An evaluation index is proposed for the performance of the model in repeated experiments.Comparison study and ablation experiments verify the effectiveness and superiority of the proposed scheme.

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